The Children's Treatment Center is designated to comprehensively diagnose and treat children from early age to adolescence. When a possibility of a serious psychiatric diagnosis occurs in children, it is important for parents to have well informed and sympathetic treaters. While a psychiatric diagnosis of children
is sometimes controversial we bring significant scientific knowledge and expertise and use this to ally with parents to formulate a realistic treatment goals and to maximize the progress of each patient we see.

In an age of “information”, which can become confusing and overwhelming,
we are committed to the use of rational psychopharmacology, recognizing that no treatment occurs in a vacuum. We stand behind our patients and their families and provide ongoing and personalized consultations as well as active liaison to other treaters (pediatricians, occupational therapists, primary therapists). As we
are committed to providing optimal care for children we are unable to accept any insurance plans, which limit our ability to devote the clinically appropriate amount
of time to each individual patient.